• Standard IOS 7368 and DIN 24342 cavity and porting.
  • Control Areas provide fast response time.
  • Can close poppet under high load pressure.
  • Built-in limit switch provides position feedback of Main Cartridge, AC or DC.



Monitored Active Poppet

Serves to add required protection from clamp circuits. The active poppet is pilot operated to cut off the main hydraulic supply to the clamp circuit. Also used for control press closing.

When you use properly can meet ISO 13849-1 PLd (Safety Cat. 3) & ISO 13489 PLe (Safety Cat. 4).

Contact our engineering dept. to go over your Safety Application Needs.

General Layout

DIN 24342 - safety active poppet - 25mm to 50mm - 5000 PSI - general layout

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