• Removable NPT orifice plug
•SAE O-ring port for access to NPT orifice, gauging, or remote piloting


Check Valve

Provides free-flow from “A to B” & check function from “B to A” by connecting the “X” pilot to the “B” port of the valve insert.

Manual/External Piloting

By not connecting the “X” pilot internally, a separate pilot pressure can be used via the SAE port to manually hold forces at “A & B”. Pilot pressure & spring forces act to close the valve, forces At “A” & “B” act to open the valve.

General Layout

Sizes 25mm to 63mm

80mm “Top” face shown above

DIN24342 - 16mm to 80mm - 5000 PSI - front - size chart

Order Code

DIN24342 - 16mm to 80mm - 5000 PSI - front - order code