• Adjustable relief setting from 150 psi to 5000 psi
• Standard screw adjustment for relief setting. Hand knob available upon request.
• Standard D03 interface for loading/venting on sizes 16mm to 40mm, D05 interface on 50mm to 80mm
• Removable orifice plug options
• SAE O-ring ports for access to NPT orifices, gauging, or remote piloting
• Pressure at “Y” is directly additive to relief settings


Solenoid-Loading Relief Valve

Provides relief function from “A to B” by connecting the “X” pilot to the “A” port of the valve insert (shown at left) or by connecting the “Z1” port to the “A” port (shown at right).

Using a standard directional control with flow from “P to A” in the de-energized condition will unload the valve. In the energized state the system will build pressure until the relief setting is reached. The valve can also be manually vented using the “X” SAE port.

The “Y” pilot can be connected to the “B” port but a separate drain connection is preferred.

This configuration uses a 1:1 ratio insert.

General Layout
Sizes 16mm to 40mm
Sizes 50mm & 63mm (80mm not shown)
DIN 24342 - 16mm to 63mm - 5000 PSI - size chart
* Orifice installed in “X” an “AP” port only. Other orifice locations are optional
Order Code

DIN 24342 - 16mm to 63mm - 5000 PSI - order code